Disclaimer & Limitations of Liability


Associate/Bachelors/Masters/Phd- Degree/ Diploma is a comparison to a Higher Education Authority Organization. This is for reference only. We have given this reference to display the depth of our programs and validity of the trainings offered.

Academy EPIC is not accredited by Any Higher Education Authority. As for what some refer to as our “competition”, Neither are they…..New Eden School of Natural Health nor Trinity School of Natural Health.

Accreditation is not what it may appear. Many “natural health” organizations “pay their way” for either their “own” accreditation agency or a partner agency to “approve” and accredit them based solely on an annual/monthly fee. These accrediting agencies have not reviewed based on any consistent metric/criteria the programs offered and statements claimed about any designations/diplomas.

Academy EPIC/Angie LLC, Cape Integrative Care are all referred to as “companies” in the following statements:

By purchasing any and/or all of our products, services or attending any live events or watching via online access (all information) you acknowledge, understand, and accept with agreement the following statements and disclaimers:

Said “companies” do not prescribe, treat, prevent, heal or diagnose disease names or medical conditions. Any trainings, educational services or products are not to be construed, interpreted or assumed or accepted or confused with………. as Medical training or medical suggestions.   No information indicated in written, audio, recorded or live events  has been approved by any government entity or outside authority as true, factual or relative in content.

At times, you may notice licensed professionals communicating within their approved licensing practices.  You may also observe in communication non-licensed or non-certified or non- government recognized individuals stating a “medical” term for reference or clarification.

At no time should this type of communication be insinuated, construed, accepted or acknowledged as a form of medical treatment, prevention, diagnosis or healing protocol outside of lawful education of the subject matter being communicated.   All educational communication is to be accepted as just that…educating and equipping with knowledge of subjects as perceived by the individual educating on the topic.

Warranty Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability:

Furthermore,  all uses of services/products/ education and training materials are at the sole risk by you.  All of the mentioned shall be considered and provided “as is” and/or “as available” basis. Said “companies”, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, employees, agents, partners and licensors expressly disclaim any and all warranties of any kind whether expressed or implied, including, but not limited to any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

Any information or material downloaded or otherwise obtained by way of said “companies” or software shall be accessed by your sole discretion and sole risk, and as such you shall be solely responsible for and hereby waive any and all claims and causes of action with respect to any damage to your computer and/or internet access, downloading and/or displaying or for any loss of data that could result from such actions.

Additionally, any actions or suggestions provided or offered by you based on the education, material or products received by said “companies” is done so at your sole discretion and sole risk, and as such you shall be solely responsible for and hereby waive any and all claims and causes of action with respect to outcome and results of the information.

It must be stated that a small percentage of users of our sites and products/services and educational material may experience some degree of seizure when exposed to certain light patterns or backgrounds that may be contained within our material and information.  Please consult a medical doctor if you experience or suspect such an issue.

BOTTOM LINE – we are not responsible for anything. WE are just offering our point of view in a knowledge based format.  What you do with it is your responsibility.

Now that we have addressed the legalities…we do hope you glean some valuable information from said “companies” that EMPOWERS you on this journey called LIFE.